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FLAVOUR NOTES: Blackcurrant, Forest Fruits & Pomegranate

PRODUCED BY: Iyenga Agricultural Marketing Cooperative and Society

REGION: Mbozi District, Mbeya

ALTITUDE: 1670 - 1950 masl 

PROCESS: Washed 

VARIETAL: Kent, Bourbon, N39 & other local varieties 

ROAST: Light


Home to the breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is known for its long tradition of growing coffee, which allows for the infrastructure and development of arabica to flourish, producing some of the smoothest beans on the continent. 

Iyenga Cooperative, located in southwest Tanzania collects coffee cherries from 500 smallholder farmers within the Mbeya region, primarily within the district of Mbozi. Of these 500 farmers, around 191 are registered members of the cooperative. 

All of the farmers in Iyenga village (from which most of the cooperative members hail) are very small scale and grow coffee on 5 hectares or less, with most only having a hectare or so. In addition to coffee, many farmers grow maize, peanuts and beans. 

In 2010, the Tanzanian government awarded the Iyenga Cooperative a central processing unit – a Penagos UCBE 500 – which has enabled the Cooperative to improve their processing efficiency while using less water. 

All coffee cherries delivered to the mill are pulped within eight hours of being picked. After pulping, the coffee is delivered to the fermentation tanks where it is fermented without water for 10-12 hours. It's then taken to the washing channels where it is washed and graded using fresh water. 

After washing, the coffee is spread on drying tables for 7 – 10 days.

This coffee has been graded ‘AB’, a mix of the largest (A) and second largest (B) bean sizes. 

*Proceeds from this coffee will be donated to Project Waterfall.