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FLAVOUR NOTES:  Milk Chocolate, Apple, Black Tea 


REGION: Rwenzori Mountains 

ALTITUDE: 1200 - 2200 masl 

PROCESS: Natural 

VARIETAL: Arabica Bourbon 

ROAST: Light


The Bakonzo Tribe are a proud and strong people who have farmed the foothills of the vast and remote Rwenzori Mountains for over 15 generations.

The Rwenzori Mountains are famously known as ‘The Mountains of the Moon’ and stretch for a mighty 120km, making for beautiful yet challenging farming conditions.  

Here, the farmers harvest their coffee by hand, carefully selecting the ripe cherries. The cherries are then pre-sorted, before being floated in a tank of water.

The cherries which float are removed, leaving only the best behind. They are then sun-dried on raised tables inside purpose built poly-tunnels.  

Farmers carefully turn the cherries throughout the day to ensure uniform drying. Once dried to the required moisture content, the coffee is stored and processed at the wet mill in Kisinga Town.

After processing, the coffee beans undergo a final removal of any defected beans before being bagged and ready for export via Kampala.  

 *Proceeds from this coffee sale will be donated to Project Waterfall.

(Image credits: Omwani Coffee, Agri Evolve)