If there's one thing we love as much as the joys of African coffee here at Africup, it's learning about and sharing the passionate stories of the dedicated farmers who make this all possible. Stories of resilience, experience, legacy and humanity - each offering a snapshot into the lives of the hard-working women and men behind our beloved coffees. 



Meet Anesie Ndikumana, 60, of Rugembe Hill, Burundi.

Anesie is a widow and the mother of 11 children, 8 girls and 3 boys. The land she farms was inherited through her late husband, on which she has since planted 606 coffee trees. In her most recent harvest, Anesie yielded a total of 800kg worth of cherries which she brought to the Migoti Washing Station to be processed.

By working in partnership with farmers such as Anesie, this ensures that she secures a premium price for her coffee, allowing her to one day pass on her farm to her children and their future generations.

If you'd like to support Anesie and the dedicated farmers like her bringing their coffee cherries to the Migoti Washing Station, you can purchase our Burundi single origin here

(Image credit: Carley Serwat)


Uganda coffee 

Meet Enock Lhwathu. A family man and coffee farmer from the luscious, steep hills of Mbata, located in Uganda's remote Rwenzori Mountains.

In the latest season, Enock harvested 300kg of Arabica cherries. Besides coffee, he also grows avocado, banana, jackfruit and matoke. 

'This village used to be quite isolated', Enock explains. 'Since around 2 years, there is a road that leads to the Kasese/Fort Portal highway. Still a long hour drive, but walking takes you forever.'

Increased production demand means increased opportunity for Enock to support his family and as he adds, 'it will improve my crops more; my dream is to build a nice permanent house.' 

If you'd like to support Enock and the hard-working farmers of the Rwenzori Mountains, you can purchase our Uganda single origin here. 

(Image credit: Omwani Coffee)



Meet Jean Paul. Owner of the Liza Washing Station based to the east of Lake Kivu in Rwanda. 

Jean Paul is a 4th generation farmer with a passion for exceptional coffee. So much so, he built a cupping station to ensure his coffee is the best it can possibly be. 

He has lovingly nurtured a farm consisting of over 2000 trees and perfected the art of production for his region. 

If you'd like to support Jean Paul and try his excellent coffee, you can purchase our Rwanda single origin here

(Image credit: Omwani Coffee)


Meet Pascal Ntawuhezisi, 85, from Gomvyi, Burundi. 

Pascal has over 1000 coffee trees and through the income generated from his harvests, he has supported his large family of 6 boys and 2 girls.

Last year alone, Pascal delivered an impressive 1500kg of coffee to our partners at the Migoti Washing Station, just a short walk away from his farm.

If you'd like to support Pascal and the dedicated farmers like him bringing their coffee cherries to the Migoti Washing Station, you can purchase our Burundi single origin here

(Image credit: Carley Serwat)