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FLAVOUR NOTES: Stone Fruit, Pear, Citrus

PRODUCED BY:  Israel Degfa 

REGION: Hambela Wamena, Guji, Oromia 

ALTITUDE: 1850 - 2220 masl


VARIETAL: Arabica 

ROAST: Light 


This is our second Ethiopian coffee this year from the Guji region, which has developed a distinguished reputation for fine coffees, producing some of the most sought-after micro-lots in the world. The combination of high altitudes and local knowledge are all contributing factors to the high status of Guji coffees. 

This washed coffee is produced by Israel Degfa and 361 smallholder farmers from his Kerchanshe initiative, which supports these smallholders access healthcare, education, financial and agricultural assistance. Israel is renowned for overseeing the production of some of the most popular Ethiopian specialty coffees served in cafes around the world.

Slow cherry maturation from the high altitude coffees used in this project deliver delicate green fruit acidity and citrus bursts. This is complemented by a smooth, rounded mouthfeel and is perfectly roasted for filter.

*10% of proceeds from this coffee sale will be donated to Project Waterfall.